Fancy grabbing a brand-new sporting activity all the household can take pleasure in? Freediving isn’t for you. Or, particularly, no-limits freediving in which a professional athlete plunges undersea as deep as feasible, utilizing any type of approach, in simply one breath.

It’s a sporting activity that has actually seen scuba divers ride thousands of metres in the direction of the sea flooring on a heavy sled at rates of over 5m/s. The tremendous water stress at the midsts they get to suffices to squash WWII age submarines. If the human torpedo in some way doesn’t lose consciousness because of nitrogen narcosis at this deepness, they after that turn on a self-inflating balloon to fire to the surface area, where they might endure decompression health issues as well as mental retardation.

Sound pong it ain’t. Not just has actually no-limits freediving seen lots of fatalities, however no authorities diving body will certainly currently validate any type of brand-new globe document tries over security issues.

However what were the inmost dives made prior to the 2007 restriction? Right here are the 10 inmost (4 of which are declared by Nitsch Herbert, that can hold his breath for 9 mins).

Resource: AIDA

10. Mandy-Rae Cruickshank

Top 10: Deepest freediving world records - Mandy-Rae Cruickshank © Alamy

World-champion freediver Mandy Rae Cruickshank © Alamy

CANISTER, 2001, 136m

9. Loic Leferme

Top 10: Deepest freediving world records - Loic Leferme © Getty Images

Loic Leferme holds the globe document in diving without breathing device © Getty Photos

FRA, 1999, 137m

8. Umberto Pelizzari

Top 10: Deepest freediving world records - Umberto Pelizzari © Getty Images

Umberto Pelizzari © Getty Photos

ITA, 1999, 150m

7. Tanya Streeter

Top 10: Deepest freediving world records - Tanya Streeter © Alamy

Tanya Streeter diving in the Turks Caicos Islands 2002 © Alamy

U.S.A., 2002, 160m

6. Loic Leferme

FRA , 2002, 162m

5. Loic Leferme

FRA, 2004, 171m

4. Herbert Nitsch

Top 10: Deepest freediving world records - Herbert Nitsch © Alamy

Herbert Nitsch damage the brand-new No Limitations globe freediving document diving to 214m 700ft in Spetses Greece © Alamy

AUT, 2005, 172m

3. Herbert Nitsch

AUT, 2006, 183m

2. Herbert Nitsch

AUT, 2007, 185m

1. Herbert Nitsch

AUT, 2007, 214m