A brand-new, pseudo-cryptic types of the Amazonian marmoset category Mico has actually been determined by a group of scientists led by Dr. Rodrigo Costa-Araújo of the Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi and also the Federal College of Amazonas and also Dr. Tomas Hrbek of the Federal College of Amazonas and also Trinity College.

The Schneider’s marmoset (Mico schneideri). Image credit: Rodrigo Costa-Araújo.

The Schneider’s marmoset (Mico schneideri). Picture credit history: Rodrigo Costa-Araújo.

“Amazonia has the wealthiest primate animals on the planet,” stated Dr. Costa-Araújo, Dr. Hrbek and also their coworkers.

“There are 146 primate types and also subspecies in the area, standing for 20% of the international primate variety.”

“However, the variety and also circulation of Amazonian primates continue to be unknown and also the deficiency of standard information difficulties their preservation.”

“These difficulties are specifically severe in the Amazonian arc of logging, the 2,500-km-long southerly side of the Amazonian biome that is swiftly being deforested and also transformed to farming and also pastoral landscapes.”

“Amazonian marmosets of the category Mico are unknown endemics of this area and also consequently a top priority for study and also preservation initiatives.”

Called the Schneider’s marmoset (Mico schneideri), the brand-new Mico types was explained from marmosets recognized to scientific research given that 1995, yet misidentified as the Snethlage’s marmoset (Mico emiliae).

“Among the major taxonomic, distributional, and also transformative unpredictabilities in Mico types problem the Snethlage’s marmoset,” the researchers stated.

“The pelage shade of this types has actually confused scientists for a century impeding exact analyses of the taxonomy and also circulation of this and also various other 5 Mico types, along with the evaluation of types variety in this category.”

The Schneider’s marmoset is native to the island to the Juruena-Teles Pires interfluve in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso.

The types circulation is restricted by the Juruena River to the west and also by the Teles Pires River to the eastern, continuing north to their convergence.

The southerly part of the types array is much less distinct, yet it encompasses the headwaters of the Juruena and also Teles Pires rivers, yet no more south than the city of Lucas do Rio Verde.

“Defining primate types variety and also circulation in the Amazonian arc of logging is an essential initial step on which a whole science-based preservation initiative depends and also which backs up to biodiversity preservation in this area prior to the whole biome gets to an ecological moment of truth,” the writers stated.

A paper of the exploration of the Schneider’s marmoset was released in the journal Scientific Records.


R. Costa-Araújo et alia. 2021. An integrative evaluation reveals a brand-new, pseudo-cryptic types of Amazonian marmoset (Primates: Callitrichidae: Mico) from the arc of logging. Sci Associate 11, 15665; doi: 10.1038/s41598-021-93943-w