Jupiter comes to resistance on Thursday (Aug. 19) at about 8 p.m. EDT (0000 Aug. 20 GMT). Considering that Planet will certainly be placed in between the sunlight and also the gas titan, Jupiter will certainly increase at sundown, continue to be noticeable all evening long and also evaluated dawn.  (Picture credit rating: Starry Evening)

Identifying Jupiter is a wind today for the nude eye as it reaches its greatest and also brightest minute in the evening skies. Telescope-hunters will certainly additionally obtain a reward trying to find moons and also climatic bands.

The gas titan world will certainly go to resistance today (Aug. 19), implying it is straight contrary the sunlight in Planet’s skies. Jupiter additionally makes its closest method of the year to Planet throughout resistance. The world will certainly show up at size -2.9, well within naked-eye array and also outshining any star in Planet’s skies other than, certainly, for the sunlight.