Automatic observation management system, new tool to coordinate telescope network
The telescopes of the GWAC-A, the GWAC-F60A/B and also the GWAC- F30. Credit Report: HAN Xuhui

The consolidation of distinctive telescopes right into bigger worked with networks can boost the exploration and also follow-up ability. Nevertheless, difficulties still continue to be in scaling, releasing, arranging and also setting up such networks.

A Chinese-French joint group from Area Variable Things Screen (SVOM) goal established an Automatic Monitoring Administration (AOM) system to include private centers with various dimension, photometry criteria, and also control strategies right into an efficient network.

This research study was released in Publications of the Astronomical Culture of the Pacific on June 30.

The initial monitoring network embraced AOM is the Ground-based Wide-Angle Cameras Network (GWAC-N), a network of robot several kinds, under the structure of SVOM goal.

The GWAC-N is presently situated at Xinglong Observatory of National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC). It makes up 2 large FoV GWAC telescopes, 2 60-cm telescopes (GWAC-F60A/B) and also one 30-cm telescope (GWAC-F30).

Via AOM, the GWAC-N gotten far better skies protection and also discovery efficiency that allows several jobs, consisting of large-sample studies, the follow-up monitoring of Gamma-Ray Bursts and also Gravitational Waves, and also the discovery of optical transients, variable and also routine items, and also relocating items, etc.

“AOM might carry out complicated monitorings with 10 monitoring settings and also 175 methods. The AOM is additionally dealing with a high task cycle and also steady actions. It arranged approximately 1,500 targets and also generated 600 monitoring strategies per clear evening in December 2020,” claimed Dr. Han Xuhui from NAOC, the initial writer of the research study.

According to simulation, using AOM, a 10-telescope network might deal with the workload of 100,000 targets in 8 secs. This outcome makes sure that AOM can be adjusted to the biggest and also busiest global, basic planned, telescope networks.

In the following 2 years, the total GWAC-N will certainly be set up at 2 observatories. The variety of telescopes in the GWAC-N will certainly be encompassed 9 GWAC-A telescopes and also 5 60-cm course telescopes. A lot more outside telescopes are additionally visualized to sign up with the .

AOM will totally sustain the procedures of GWAC-N. With its , the AOM is additionally clinically and also practically sensible for various other general-purpose telescope networks.

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Even more details:
Xuhui Han et alia, The Automatic Monitoring Administration System of the GWAC Network. I. System Design and also Operations, Publications of the Astronomical Culture of the Pacific (2021). DOI: 10.1088/1538-3873/abfb4e

Automatic Monitoring Administration system to work with telescope network (2021, August 25)
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