A brand-new types of the mosasaur category Ectenosaurus has actually been recognized from the fossilized remains located in western Kansas, the USA.

A life reconstruction of the plioplatecarpine mosasaur Angolasaurus bocagei, alongside the turtle Angolachelys mbaxi. Image credit: Henry Sharpe / CC BY-SA 4.0.

A life restoration of the plioplatecarpine mosasaur Angolasaurus bocagei, along with the turtle Angolachelys mbaxi. Picture debt: Henry Sharpe / CC BY-SA 4.0.

The newly-identified mosasaur types lived throughout the Late Cretaceous date, some 80 million years back.

The old animal lived in the Western Interior Seaway, a superficial body of aquatic water that separated the North American continent right into 2 distinctive landmasses.

Called Ectenosaurus everhartorum, it is just the 2nd types in the Ectenosaurus category.

The aquatic pet had to do with 5.5 m (18 feet) long, as well as looked like the false gharial (Tomistoma schlegelii).

“If Ectenosaurus clidastoides with its lengthy, slim jaws appears like a gharial crocodile, the brand-new types is closer to an incorrect gharial crocodile with significantly blunter jaws,” claimed Dr. Takuya Konishi, a paleontologist in the Division of Biological Sciences at the College of Cincinnati.

Willman et al. made scientific drawings of Ectenosaurus everhartorum’s jawbone to help understand its taxonomy and to compare it with the jawbone of a similar species, Ectenosaurus clidastoides (labeled D). Image credit: Willman et al., doi: 10.1139/cjes-2020-0175.

Willman et alia. made clinical illustrations of Ectenosaurus everhartorum’s jawbone to assist comprehend its taxonomy as well as to contrast it with the jawbone of a comparable types, Ectenosaurus clidastoides (classified D). Picture debt: Willman et alia., doi: 10.1139/cjes-2020-0175.

The fossilized jaw of Ectenosaurus everhartorum was accumulated in the 1970s in Logan Area, western Kansas.

“Mosasaurs in western Kansas have actually been well tasted as well as well looked into,” Dr. Konishi claimed.

“Those 2 aspects develop high probabilities when you search for something brand-new.”

Ectenosaurus mosasaurs are uncommon for just how couple of samplings have actually been located in the category contrasted to various other mosasaurs.

“In western Kansas we have more than 1,500 mosasaur samplings,” Dr. Konishi claimed.

“Out of those we can just discover one sampling each standing for these 2 types of Ectenosaurus. That’s kind of insane.”

The exploration is reported in a paper in the Canadian Journal of Planet Sciences.


Alexander J. Willman et alia. A brand-new types of Ectenosaurus (Mosasauridae: Plioplatecarpinae) from western Kansas, U.S.A., discloses an unique collection of osteological personalities for the category. Canadian Journal of Planet Sciences, released online August 26, 2021; doi: 10.1139/cjes-2020-0175