As digital photography topics go, birds are infamously (and also actually) flighty. So it’s not tough to appreciate the work with program at the Bird Digital Photographer of the Year competition. The champions of the 2021 reward have actually been revealed, covering a variety of technological classifications, limited from a group of 22,000 access.

The champion job showcases several of the globe’s most vibrant varieties as well as likewise highlights their fragile, crucial location in our globe.

See the champions of each classification are listed below, and also discover even more amazing access at If you’re really feeling influenced, the 2022 competitors will certainly open up on 30 September 2021, with digital photographers of all degrees welcomed to sign up. There’s a £5,000 to be won, so eyes on the skies.

Birds in the Atmosphere & Bird Digital Photographer of the Year

Road Runner on the US-Mexico border

Beep-beep. This Roadway Jogger drops in its tracks before an area of boundary wall surface in between the United States and also Mexico in southerly Arizona. The 3,000km-long boundary goes across a variety of environments and also this picture, the competitors’s total victor, highlights just how a wall surface along it can interfere with the behavior of neighborhood nomadic varieties. © Alejandro Prieto / Bird Digital Photographer of the Year.

Preservation Honor

Greater Adjutant

Standing 1.5m high and also with a wingspan of 2.5m, Greater Adjutants are one of the most decreasing in numbers varieties of stork in the world. Today, there are less than 1,200 of these enigmatic scavengers left out there, with the international fortress of 950 residing in Assam, India. © Carla Rhodes / Bird Digital Photographer of the Year.

Profile Honor


Backlit by a gold sundown on the remote island of Fair Island, this puffin was recorded by digital photographer Kevin Morgans on his yearly return to the much north of Scotland. @ Kevin Morgans / Bird Digital Photographer of the Year

Interest to Information

Penguin reflection

This picture reveals the representation of a penguin in damp sand, with waves collapsing. The digital photographer is amazed incidentally light is mirrored by water and also just how fluid can produce, misshape and also ruin the method we watch points. © Rafael Armada / Bird Digital Photographer of the Year.

Ideal Picture

Brown Pelican

You’d be forgiven for believing this was a big baleen whale mid-feed. As a matter of fact it’s a Brownish Pelican maximizing scraps tossed right into the sea by anglers on the Pacific Coastline of Costa Rica. © Felipe Foncueva / Bird Digital Photographer of the Year.

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Bird Practices

Crimson Sunbird

An actual bird bathroom in West Benghal, India. This Crimson Sunbird takes advantage of the banana plant it’s relaxing in. After consuming nectar from the blossom, it lay back in the rain accumulated in the blossom’s flower. © Mousam Ray / Bird Digital Photographer of the Year

Birds in Trip

Common Swift

The Typical Swift doesn’t remain still for long. It preys on bugs mid-air and also dives reduced to scoop up water in its beak when it requires a beverage. The varieties can invest approximately 10 months in constant trip and also won’t choose the ground if they can prevent it. © Tzahi Finkelstein / Bird Digital Photographer of the Year.

Black and also White

Chinstrap Penguin

The significant range of the Antarctic atmosphere is as much the emphasis of this picture as the Chinstrap Penguin detected straying amongst it. The varieties was recorded atop a massive iceberg. © Renato Granieri / Bird Digital Photographer of the Year.

Urban Birds

White-throated Dipper

The White-throated Dipper is detected making use of whatever perch it can in this picture absorbed Greater Manchester. The semi-aquatic varieties was recorded making use of a remote video camera and also lens put in the river, while the digital photographer activated it from the financial institution. © Terry Whittaker / Bird Digital Photographer of the Year.

Youthful Bird Digital Photographer of the Year (age 14-17)

Black grouse

Digital photographer Levi Fitze withstood an evening high in the cold Alps and also a 4am begin to catch this picture of a black complaint at sunup. Men of the varieties collect in huge teams in what is called lekking behavior, where they complete for friends with intricate screens and also courtship routines. © Levi Fitze / Bird Digital Photographer of the Year

Young Bird Digital Photographer of the Year (age 9-13)

Eurasian Nuthatch

This striking wide-angle picture was recorded from another location from a conceal. It reveals the Eurasian Nuthatch getting down the trunk of a tree to locate water. © Andrés L. Domínguez Blanco / Bird Digital Photographer of the Year

Young Bird Digital Photographer of the Year (age 8 and also under)

Short-eared Owl

This Short-eared Owl repairs the visitor with a look in the meadows around Chennai in India. Its circulation is just one of one of the most extensive of any kind of bird on the planet. The only continents where it’s not located are Antarctica and also Australia. © Deeksha Sambath / Bird Digital Photographer of the Year.